Honestly using Hades as the villain for every greek mythology story because he happens to rule over the afterlife would be like if 3000 years from now they made a bunch of Justice League movies where Batman was the villain because he has the darkest costume

There was also the thing where he imprisoned a goddess against her will because he was lonely. Hades is the bad guy.

Ok but it’s not like the other greek gods had the moral high ground on that, there’s no reason why Abduction McLonesome is more fit to be the villain than, say, his brother Zeus who kept transforming into stuff and forcing himself on women, or Kronos who kept eating his own children

Or Poseidon who raped Medusa

Ok but wait you guys, in the oldest versions of this myth Hades didn’t even kidnap Persephone at all. She just sort of wandered down to the underworld one day and liked the vibe and said ‘I’m staying.’ In other versions, Hades fell in love with Persephone and asked Zeus for permission to marry her (unlike Zeus who would literally. just. rape. everything) and then sort of scooped her up without telling her mom.

Hades was the only Greek god (I believe) who was actually faithful to his wife??? He treated her as an equal, took her suggestions about governing the underworld, and it was Persephone who was feared for giving out the worst punishments. (Her name was actually Kore, “Persephone” is more like an epithet which means “destroyer” or something like that).

Hades is probably the least villainous of all the Greek gods imo. He just kinda stays in the underworld, doing his job and minding his business, while the other gods are up there raping everyone.

@jj-justwriteit nailed it. Hades isn’t a bad guy; he just got a bad rap over the last century or two (whereas he was revered and respected by the Greeks). And he genuinely loved his wife. He courted her, showing her around his realm and giving her gifts made of precious metals and jewels, and he won her heart. He never had eyes for anyone but Persephone. (BTW, her original name Kore means “maiden.”)

His brothers Zeus and Poseidon? They were married but constantly cheated on their wives. Whether the other women wanted to be cheated with or not. Yeah, the “good guys” Zeus and Poseidon were RAPISTS.

Medusa? She was a beautiful woman raped in Athena’s temple by Poseidon, because he had THAT much of a hate-on for Athena. Athena turned Medusa into a monster so she would never be victimized again.


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