stop 👏🏻 romanticizing 👏🏻 evil 👏🏻 characters 👏🏻

listen, i know i reblog all these ‘soft’ headcanons and stuff – i can’t stand them. i reblog them solely because i know there’s people who enjoy them. however, i’ve watched it get out of hand before, and it’s annoying.

you know the creepypasta fandom? yeah, you probably think cringe when you hear about them. do you know why? because all people would do was ship the characters, make them soft and loving, basically turn them into some kinda fucking fantasy.

evil characters get reputation for being cringeworthy because of people who romanticize them.

let me tell you something: not only is there mark himself, there are at least twenty various egos. in those twenty egos, there is probably someone who acts the way you want, if not mark himself. dark is not that character.

i am known for darkiplier. i am known for interacting with roleplayers. i am a kid who studies psychology often for fun. dark is not good. he’s manipulative, he’s only trying to get something from you – mark has said it himself. he is a social manipulator. he will act how you want him to until he can get you on his side, until he can have you do anything for him, until you are nothing but his little toy.

and honestly? the fact that you guys are romanticizing this, making him a soft and relatable character, it’s terrifying.

my brother is trying to get out of an abusive relationship right now. and let me tell you, he was older than me when our dad left, and it hit him hard – he was 12. one of his exes cheated on him. to say the least, he knows abandonment, he knows hurt, he knows pain, and he knows abuse.

but let me tell you something else.

it’s awful to watch someone go through. it’s awful to watch my only big brother bottle things up and only be able to snap at people because that’s all he knows how to do.

and the fact that you guys are romanticizing an abusive character, the fact that you guys are trying to make darkiplier – a canon social manipulator – into someone soft and loving? it’s terrifying and it’s painful to watch.

so please, please. stop romanticizing him. stop making him soft. use mark, use the other egos for your gentle uwu headcanons, dark is not good.

(also, remember when mark said he was put off of dark because he wasn’t taken seriously and was more of a joke? yeah, i do.)

YES. Thank you.

Even in my “softer” writings of Him, I’ve still gone out of my way to remind people that ”HEY. THIS GUY HERE? HE MIGHT BE PLAYING NICE TODAY, BUT HE’S STILL NOT A GOOD GUY.”

There’s a reason I keep saying He’s a Hellgod in my fics. Just take the two words apart from their combo and consider them.

Hell. aka Satan’s Personal Playground, The Fiery Down Under, Club Med for the Damned.

God. A being far beyond our comprehension, who doesn’t think much of us beyond pieces on a chessboard. Like the Greek Gods, who messed with people just ‘cos they could.

Hellgod. A Big Scary Thing from a Big Scary Place. Avoid, for the love of Christ!

The possible exceptions? My Dollhouse AU, where he’s more of a facsimile of a person, a composite. And my fantasy AU, where he’s a Khal Drogo-inspired barbarian king. Not as scary, but still not nice.

Yeah, same with Anti. I personally really don’t like the “soft” headcanons for evil characters. For any other character, it’s fine, just not the evil ones. In the fic I was making, I was gonna write Dark exactly how he is, a social manipulator, using the main character for his own personal gain and fucking them over in the worst way possible. I doubt I’ll finish the fic now for various reasons, but you get the gist. Evil egos are evil, and that’s all there is to it. I’m not one to say to stop creating something, but just remember the ego you’re really dealing with. Don’t forget their true nature in the midst of it all.

And the thing is, I’m not saying people can’t write what they want to write about Darkiplier. (I’m not familiar with the lore on JSE’s channel, so I won’t speak on it.)

I’m just saying to remember the canon that made us love Him. In canon, Dark is unrepentantly evil. Not a bad boy with a heart of gold, or some misunderstood broken bird who just needs a good hug. He’s a manipulator who is incapable of loving the way we humans do. If He even tries, it’s at best a parody of human love and at worst just a game to Him.

But we love Him for what He is, the Big Bad of Markiplier’s channel. So why would you want Him to be anything other than what He is? The monster that hunts you down, the destroyer of human lives and devourer of souls, the thing that you fear most when you dare to trust another person.

Because that is exactly what He is. I love Him for what He is, and I love to hate Him as well and look forward to His eventual downfall. That’s the best way to appreciate a villain, I think.

And for the love of all that’s sacred, DON’T look for someone like Him in real life! You’re just setting yourself up for a lifetime of pain.


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