The week before All Hallow’s Eve, we should offer praises to Dark! Headcanons, theories, etc. Maybe we can tempt Him to pay us a visit?

Yes! And art! Poetry! Stories! Gifs and mixtapes, even!

Hopefully, the outpouring of adulation from His most loyal worshippers would be sufficient. I mean, I can’t imagine any God (be they Heavenly, Earthly or Infernal) would be unmoved by being adored!

He has said He’s missed us, after all.

So that’s what we’ll do. Starting October 22nd and into the 28th, we’ll have Darkiplier Week! All are welcome to offer their talents up to Him! I’ll watch the #darkiplier week tag, and reblog whatever pops up onto that tag.

Then, after that, I’ll try to contact Him… and see what He has to say. (The things I do for you guys… *shudder*)


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