Before getting excited over Ethan’s new video and drawing ALL of the fanart, I have to say something


Let this man enjoy being creative and trying something new. I’m looking at you fuckweeds who tried giving him shit over a simple thumbnail two months ago. The “dark persona” trope doesn’t ‘belong’ to anyone, it’s just Tumblr culture. If you’re readying yourself to send Ethan any shit over this whatsoever, you better back tf up and take a moment to get over yourself, because you’re not helping anyone.
Let’s all just enjoy this, yah?

Dark personas aren’t just a Tumblr culture thing… it actually goes back to ancient mythology.

Ever heard of the concept of an “evil twin”? Well, plenty of ancient gods had evil/dark siblings that represented the polar opposite of themselves. For example, Nephthys was Isis’s darker twin sister. Set was Osiris’s malevolent, murderous brother.

In Zoroastrianism, there are two gods: Ahura Mazda, a god of goodness and light; and Ahriman, the evil god who’s intent on causing the world to end. They’re equal in power to each other and have been fighting for thousands of years.

Hades, the lord of the underworld, is the big brother of Zeus, the king of the gods. Hades’s domain is deep in the earth, while Zeus reigns from the summit of Mount Olympus.

There are also not one but TWO cat goddesses in Egyptian mythology: Bast, the gentle mother depicted as a housecat nursing her kittens; and Sekhmet, the fierce lioness of war who drinks her enemies’ blood by the gallons.

I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you.

Bottom line: There ain’t nothin’ new under the sun, folks. It’s how you tell the story and make it your own that makes it interesting, not where the initial idea originally comes from.


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