Your Trollsona’s Name


















FIRST NAME: The first two letters of your first, middle, and last names

SURNAME: The last two letters of the same names

If you don’t have a middle name or that combination makes no sense, use the first three letters of your first/last name, etc. Don’t worry about overlap.

Your name is NIGAGO ASSHOE and you want a refund

Your name is Miaiku Cannck and you are seriously wondering if you are from some weird fantasy anime or some shit

Kamafu Neierg

Your name is Ammagh Myiemc and you wanna die because hiveswap has dragged you back into this unforgiving hell scape

You name is Kamawa Neiake and your name has far too many vowels.

Your name is Soju radd and you just realized that you don’t have a middle name so this post doesn’t really work for you…

@classpect-weaponry you can have one of mine friend. Either Ra en or Dr ke. Your choice.

Your name is SORAJU RAENJU and you have BORROWED the letters from someone else’s MIDDLE NAME to fit the complicated naming scheme. In the course of your ADVENTURE , you will inevitably try to return these letters, but fail due to SHENANIGANS.

Your name is JAAIPR ESANAR and holy shit what’s up with the vowels

Your name is AUCAKE RAINON and you feel very SUSPICIOUS about the origins of your FIRST NAME…seriously, AUCAKE? REALLY?

~Mod Ridas

Aldago Saleld, sounds legit

Colamu Orcehy


Mievsm Lottth

way too many t’s

Madast Eweles


Your name is MARESH IESEER and you feel very CONFUSED about your LAST NAME. who the hell puts SEER in your last name? Seriously? Three E’s? It doesn’t make sense.

Your name is BRANGU NALATI and even you agree that USERNAME you’ve given yourself on TUMBLR is much, MUCH more awesome than the one given to you at birth. Seriously, who names their kid BRANGU? You think it sounds like a MONSTER HUNTER beast or something.

Your name is MEMALETRE SARYGHIA. You were adopted by a Frenchman and a South Asian lady. They’re very nice people, but they couldn’t agree on what they wanted to name you. So they just smashed the names they wanted for you together. Kinda like when people create couple names, only this time for just one person.

(They also might have been very drunk at the time…)


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