i hope that message at the end of the video was directed at people who would get mad that Ethan is doing something like this rather than people who get excited about this stuff. I’d assume it’s the former but, like, don’t wanna publicly get too excited and jump to conclusions if he doesn’t want us to.

nononononono definitely directed towards the people who are getting all uppity about me “copying” other people. I LOVE how excited you guys are getting about the video! I was just sick of hearing the “be more original. you’re not mark or jack” comments. I know it’s not original. I know other people do this kind of stuff. But god dammit I wanna try new shit that challenges me. I had SO much fun making and editing that video. Hope you guys enjoyed watching it 🙂

good tags from Ethan

See, that’s what I was saying. Ethan just wanted to try something that’s new to him. Good for him for stepping out of his comfort zone. 🙂


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