Looks like I lost a follower for supporting Dark Ethan. Oops.

Seriously, did you not know what you were in for when you followed me? It’s kinda hard to miss that I’m into DARK THINGS.


I say anyone who is gonna shit on Dark Ethan (idk what to call him so guess this fits for now until he has a name, right? :p) can get the fuck off my blog. I love Darkiplier, I love Antisepticeye, and I’m SURE AS HELL gonna love Dark Ethan!

And the thing is, you don’t have to LIKE a particular dark ego to support its existence. You can still support the creator, even if you don’t like the character that’s been created.

If you don’t like Dark Ethan, at least cheer young Mr. Nestor on for taking chances and trying something that’s new to him. Everybody starts somewhere – with just an idea. With time, that dark character will develop into its own thing… but only if we don’t try to steal the joy of making something (I was gonna say the “joy of creation,” hah) from the creator.


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