On a scale of one (1) to ten (10), how upset would y’all be if I deleted my tumblr?

A freakin’ ten… at bare minimum. I love following you.

Okay but like what about following me do you love

The responses you give to your asks. They’re thoughtful and have a gentle humour, and I get the vibe like you wear your heart on your sleeve. I almost feel like I’m listening to a conversation the next table over.

Stop you’re gonna make me cry that’s so sweet. 

If it helps, if I do end up deleting my blog, my fics are saved and I’d probably just repost them somewhere and another blog with the exact username would pop up and be running. I just.

I’ve lost touch with a lot of my followers, obviously. I haven’t been posting as much as I could. I’ve really just lost a taste for what I’m doing on this blog right now. There’s nothing happening with it. I don’t use it for anything but responding to the occasional ask lol

As long as they’re happy tears (and hey, you did ask)!

Sometimes, we go through periods where we feel drained. There’s also times when our focus shifts. That’s all normal; it’s just a part of getting older. Time alters your perspective. Any personal issues we may deal with also messes with our judgment.

Your blog could also evolve into something new: it can change and grow with you.

For me, fandom-wise: I’m currently on hiatus from one fandom I’ve been in since I was 14 (over half a lifetime now), but I didn’t delete anything from my DreamWidth blog, because it’s a part of my life. And I could always end up rekindling my love for that fandom again.

Walk away if you need to, but you don’t need to burn the bridge down as well. If you feel there’s a chance, however slight, that you could come back, then don’t delete the blog. If you feel a slight twinge that’s telling you maybe you shouldn’t get rid of it (and you probably are because you asked for input), then leave the door open so you can come back.

Ultimately, of course, it’s up to you.


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