My mutuals.



Can I just emphasize how awesome you guys are?

Especially Suds, Vio and Sage: you three all deserve a proper shout-out. Talking with you guys about what’s up, and the things that usually make me happy is… actually making me feel a lot better.

You guys might not think you’re helping, but you are. You really are. Thanks. 🙂


And for anyone who knows somebody who goes through depression: talking and being willing to listen is literally all you have to do. Just be there. They’ll appreciate it, even if their illness won’t let them say so.

Oh god I just teared up. Thank you so much! I’m really happy to be here for you! I try to be there for everyone, because I know what that kind of pain feels like so I have a slight idea of how to make it a little better, or at least bearable, you know? I’m so happy I’m able to help you out 💜

You did. Believe me, you did. <3


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