My mutuals.





Can I just emphasize how awesome you guys are?

Especially Suds, Vio and Sage: you three all deserve a proper shout-out. Talking with you guys about what’s up, and the things that usually make me happy is… actually making me feel a lot better.

You guys might not think you’re helping, but you are. You really are. Thanks. 🙂


And for anyone who knows somebody who goes through depression: talking and being willing to listen is literally all you have to do. Just be there. They’ll appreciate it, even if their illness won’t let them say so.

Aww Melissa

always here for you

I saw those tags, Sage. Don’t you be talkin’ shit about yourself. I WILL FITE U.

If I have a squad, YOU’RE IN IT.

God you sound like corn chip

Self esteem is at an all time low at the moment

What matters is that you’re happy

Well, let it be a boost to your self-esteem that you were there when I needed it. <3

(Also, who’s corn chip?)


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