Man, Jack…you’re making me wanna get back into music again. I used to play violin, not drums lol, but seeing you so happy at playing an instrument made me remember how I used to feel when I used to play. So happy and giddy after figuring out something new all on my own, and getting notes right, and playing in school concerts. I miss that so much. I hope one day I can get back into it. I look forward to hearing you play more!! It’s gonna be fucking sweeeeeeet!

Actually, an update on this (which is like, forever late): I found out that I might be taking piano lessons. So there’s that! I’ll be getting back into music like I want to! I hope that, when I start YouTube in like two years or so, occasionally I can do covers as well. I have so many ideas…it’s gonna be great!

Awesome! Piano is hard. I’m gonna try and get my guitar restrung and go back to teaching myself how to play.

But I iz broke. So I have to wait. And I would totally love to do some YouTube covers; Mark and Jack inspired me on so many levels.

The fiance and I are also planning on starting a channel after we’re married. So, sometime in 2019.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could collab one day?


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