Fic idea for Dr. Iplier.

I just got blind-sided earlier by an idea for the handsome doctor and his nurse. Not a shippy one, just a normal slice-of-hospital-life kind of fic a la General Hospital (but without all the soap-opera-ish angst).


Also, Dr. Iplier may or may not be coming down off a 30 hour shift all cranky, and Nurse Charlotte (that’s what I’m calling her, as I saw it elsewhere and really liked it) slips a sedative into his coffee so he’ll nap for awhile.

He wakes up all grumpy, but reluctantly admits that the nap helped, and she snarks about how doctors make the worst patients. Also, Bim’s in Bed 2 with a sprained ankle, and yes I already took his vitals, Edward. (Somebody made a headcanon that Edward is Dr. Iplier’s first name and I am SO down with that.)

I know this isn’t the usual thing for my blog, as I tend to do quite a bit of Dark-related fic, but I’m just wondering if you guys are cool with me doing a Dr. Iplier oneshot, just for a one-time kinda thing.

(And I also am making this post so I don’t forget about the idea later.)


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