This is the living proof that white supremacy is an international system that tries not only to normalize its’ own values and make it dominant in the world but also tries to marginalize everything that doesn’t fit preferences of white supremacists. That’s how you can easily spot them – they don’t like unfamiliar and unaccustomed names, words, looks and call it “strange”, “confusing”, “not normal” and so on.

Elementary schoolers of my generation were capable of memorising and reciting more than 150 Pokemon names. I promise you that 16 year olds can deal with a few Asian names.

Yes, please tell me that sixteen-year-olds–many of whom are fans of anime, manga, etc., and even more of whom have taught themselves how to read, write, and speak conlangs such as Sindarin, Quenya, Dothraki, Gallifreyan, and Klingon–would find Asian names far too hard.

Nice work, British Museum. You just showed how assholish you are. Not only are Asian names “confusing”, but apparently teenagers are stupid.

When I was 16, I was very into Classical and Egyptian mythology… and I had no trouble keeping my info straight and pronouncing the names correctly. I also was learning French, and already knew parts of Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, Latin and, yes, an itty bit of Japanese too. And I could also speak some Klingon, to boot. (Sadly, I no longer remember most of what I knew about the other languages. If you don’t use it, you lose it.)

Kids are NOT stupid, British Museum.

That being said, I love the epic smackdowns in this post.


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