DHS says it will force everyone who’s ever immigrated to the USA to hand over social media


A new DHS policy that will go into effect on Oct 18 will force everyone who’s ever been naturalized as a US citizen or who is currently residing in the USA on a Green Card (I currently reside in the USA on a Green Card) to hand over “social media handles and aliases, associated identifiable information and search results” for permanent scrutiny in our government files.


Hey, DHS! My grandparents were immigrants! How far do you plan on going back into the immigration files? We’re ALL immigrants here. Except for the Natives, who got fucked over.

What do you plan on doing, after you’ve eliminated the immigrants’ privacy? Adding fashionable tags to their clothes for identification purposes? Transporting them to a camp for a long, long “vacation” where they get to make arts and crafts? Like soap and leather boots?

Fuck you assholes. A lot of good hardworking people came here to improve their lives above what they had back home, and you’re taking the freedom they paid for in their blood, sweat and tears away from them.


Think I’m exaggerating? The last remaining survivors of World War II tried to warn us that this could happen. Who’s willing to listen now?

Oh, and this guy, who’s in the gif? An extremely talented and awesome Youtuber, who devotes a ton of time to charity work? His mom’s an immigrant too, and he was born on U.S. soil. The woman who gave him life, who his fans lovingly dubbed “Momiplier,” will legally have no privacy as of October… which means her son won’t either, just by association.

For those of you who were scoffing at that headline, THAT’s an example of how close to home what they’re doing will hit.

This is only the beginning. Families will be torn apart over this. This isn’t a joke, and it isn’t fake news. Welcome to 1930s Germany: The American Redux.


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