Pitbull is sending his private plane to Puerto Rico so cancer patients can be brought to the US for treatment and yet Donald Trump can’t get basic supplies over because “there’s a thing called the Atlantic Ocean, this is tough stuff.”

Lol, no puedo.

Trump learns a super-basic concept, then talks about his new discovery like he is teaching the rest of us. We know about the Atlantic. 

The point is you NEVER had a plan knowing their was a massive storm about to hit Puerto Rico. Not having a plan was your plan.

Also, Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Sea is not the Atlantic Ocean. Not even if Dotard Trump thinks it is.

I have no words. Just flailing and headdesking over our current president’s stupidity. And we’re stuck with him for three more years, guys. This supposed great businessman who DOESN’T KNOW WHERE PUERTO RICO IS, AND HAD NO PLAN TO HELP PEOPLE OUT.

Yeah. Care to join me in the headdesking?


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