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Anyway Here’s Akinator #8 for your overthinking needs (and a “keep reading” thingy for your spoiler free needs) :

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Alright, and now for my thoughts.

  • We usually think of Anti as a lunatic who’s crazy beyond return… But it seems Jack sees him and calm, cold and calculated as he repeated that a few times. He also sees him almost as a serial murderer.
  • It seems that Jack thinks of Anti as a part of himself. But not “himself”… He’s talking about him as if he’s someone different than himself completely, but agrees that he’s a part of his flesh and blood, a part of his body.
  • “He’s lived in all of our houses. All over the place. All at once.“ So yeah… He’s everywhere huh? Where are the “all of us are his hosts” and “his (septic)eyes are everywhere” theories? I rest my case.
  • I find it funny that Jack said he’s probably his friend. LIke wth man chose your friends better. Or is it like “I’m stuck with him anyway so I should as well accept that?”
  • It’s weird Jack had a hard time to say Anti’s not real. We know he’s not real… I mean, breaking the 4th wall here but… Why couldn’t he just say no and that’s all? Why all the “Technically….”

Ok, so I’m getting real for a second but: maybe he was saying technically cause he has a real demon inside him, like everyone one else does. Maybe he doesn’t have a murderer who begs for attention,but everyone has their inner demon the one who makes us think “I can’t stand this dude anymore” “if you don’t shut the fuck up I’m gonna kill you” “I’m gonna beat the shit out of you” or something like that. I know Seàn said that he doesn’t get really angry easily…but we all thought to “kill” someone who annoyed us or insulted us or etc…etc…


I don’t think he meant that Anti is cold and calculating in a Darkiplier way, I think he meant that Anti does have a method to his madness, but he still crazy in the way he executes his plan.

Probably, but still it gives him a side that I personally never thought he had. I mean, for me he’s like the joker, completely crazy and evil just because. But calling him calculated just… Doesn’t sit right with how I used to see him.

I think saying he’s calculated fits him perfectly. He’s a…different…kind of calculated, though. But he knows what he does. He knows when he sets the community on fire. He knows when he teases us, puts zalgo in tags, reblogs fanart…he knows how to freak us out, and he knows when we’re thinking about him. That’s where his power comes from, after all. The fact that he can use this to his advantage…you’d have to be extremely calculated in order to figure that out, I’d feel. Of course, his execution of his plans is usually unhinged and insane, but how he sets up each appearance…it’s very well thought out.

Ah, I’m glad others are talking about this! This line kind of bugged me, especially since we saw how unhinged and angry anti was last time.

I do agree with the notion he is calculated, I mean, he goes to great lengths and takes great pleasure in torturing the community leading up to his arrival where as Dark will simply appear. He’s so good at playing pretend and drip feeding us what we want to hear and see that he practically has us theorists hooked even when he’s not around. You’ve got to be incredibly observant into what makes the community tick to figure out how to do that.

Cold? Not so much. He clearly enjoys doing what he’s doing, so while he is calculated, the dude’s absolutely psychotic and CANNOT be reasoned with at the same time. That’s the real difference between them.

Dark would lay out a clear, simple plan. To the point, to get what he wants. No longer than it has to be.

Anti’s would be shakenly peiced together in his excitement, yet incredibly detailed and full of twists and turns to strike a wound in every single weak point. To make his victims scream, to make it last longer, so he can enjoy it and giggle all the while. All to build up to his grand finale, getting exactly what he wants. and leaving everyone traumatised yet calling out for more when he’s done.

Except that Dark seems to be playing a long game, Himself. His appearances are, yes, sudden and unexpected. But they’re also unsettling and subtle… and, when He’s gone, His fans always miss Him terribly.

Whereas Anti enjoys playing with people more directly, with shoving people over the proverbial edge, Dark’s a seducer. Even though I know Dark is evil, as fan I can’t help but think on how much I miss seeing Him. And I’m definitely not the only one.

And that’s what He wants. Dark wants to make us beg for Him, to long for Him, to cry out for Him. Even though we all know He’s bad news. That gives Him power over us. Just like that asshole ex who broke you emotionally… but you can’t quite let go of and you’re still half in love with.

Anti gains power by sending the fans into insanity, by taking them for a joyride. He’s the intelligent but unpredictable guy who’ll take you skydiving on a whim, and you never quite know what he’ll say or do… or what could set him off. He’s the boyfriend who’s definitely gone off his meds, but you love his crazy ass anyway.

Dark is the former flame who you keep going back to, in spite of yourself, and no matter how many times you said “never again”. He’s the one you’ve cried a torrent of tears over, but would take back in an instant the second He knocked on your door, even though you know He’ll only break your heart again. You just can’t help yourself; you’re in too deep. And He knows it.

That’s the difference.


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