Ah yes, dumbbells. Great. Dumbbells which remind me of my enemies, those that would thwart me from Senpai. Ah, one dumbbell, for the only lover that Senpai needs in his life… and it better be me! Two, for the perfect couple on campus, the most beautiful and adorable one that everyone talks about. Three for, as in three’s company and there shouldn’t be three when it comes to me and Senpai, so you gotta bash ‘em over the head with a dumbbell bucket. Four, for the number of holes I’m gonna put in the face of anybody that looks Senpai’s way. And five, for the number of children that I’m gonna give Senpai when we’re finally married!

Yandereplier, ELECTROCUTING FOR SENPAI | Yandere Simulator #14


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