Intimacy is beyond kisses and cuddles and sex. Intimacy is getting a headache and taking a nap, and waking up to your laundry folded and your partner rubbing your back. Intimacy is crying and yelling at night about your past to someone who listens and comforts you. Intimacy is watching shows in your pjs for hours and eating pizza together and being able to communicate love through holding hands. It’s never running out of conversation but doing it anyways to enjoy silence.



True intimacy is knowing that the two of you can be in the same room, not talking and immersed in separate tasks, but still feeling the love present between you both. Intimacy means you don’t have to talk to be understood, and your partner knows what’s on your mind with just a look.

I never thought it could actually happen to me, that it was a faerie tale kind of thing. But it has happened, and I know for sure how fortunate I am.

It can happen to you too, once you find that someone who’s willing to learn all about you… and you want to learn everything about them too. And, over time, you do. That’s when it actually happens, that there’s comfort and safety and knowing. It’s not a thing that can be rushed, but comes from time, learning about your partner, and falling more deeply in love every day.


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