Holy crap, the feels.

Starting the initial phase of the project today, and already I’m getting emotional. I actually had to stop what I was doing for a second, because I am legit in tears right now from all the feels it’s giving me.

That’s how I know when something I create is gonna be truly awesome. It makes me, the creator who can usually stay detached from it, fucking CRY.

(Typical Pisces chick: Any strong emotional response – anger, happiness, sorrow, etc. – results in boo-hooing all over the place.)


It may sound like I’m hyping things up, but I don’t care. I just needed to shout my FEEEEELS into the cyber-void right now. Before I dry my eyes and get back to work on the thing I’m doing.

You guys are gonna love it. I know for sure, now.


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