I Will Not Be Eaten

Girl. Yes.

The voices of little girls are so powerful and profound because they haven’t yet been completely eaten away at by social conditioning. 

“I am a rich pie filled with knowledge. I will not be eaten.” Holy fuck my new motto.

That’a girl! You tell ‘em you’ll not be eaten. You keep on getting down with your awesome little self.

Seriously, this girl will be an amazing woman one day. It gives me all kinds of feels. The good ones, definitely.

You know what I was doing at that age? Ripping the heads off my Barbies.

Yeah, I had issues. I won’t deny that. But I’m also pretty certain I was making a statement at the time. Because I wasn’t a “pretty” girl, I hated wearing dresses and I just wanted to climb trees and play with Matchbox cars.

And what the hell does Barbie do? Stand there and look pretty with her unrealistic proportions. Her “careers” are all based on a simple costume change; potential livelihoods as a fashion statement. Or, at least, that was the case when I was a kid. But that’s not the point.

The point is that little girls can be awesome. But the world doesn’t let them stay that way. It fills their heads with all sorts of sexist junk, until they end up with a complex about having any ambitions, desires or independent thoughts at all. They grow up, afraid to speak their minds out of fear of “offending” anyone.

In this world, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make someone unhappy with who you really are at some point. But, if you’ve got a good heart, then that’s on them and not you.

Hopefully, she’s got loving parents who support her right to self-expression, the right to be herself. The world needs a new generation of women who can be whoever and whatever they want to be, without getting judged for it.

It’s why our great-grandmothers fought for the vote, our grandmothers became welders and our mothers protested. Because more than three generations wanted their little girls to have more freedom than they did themselves.

Let’s not disappoint them, and raise our girls right.


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