No offense but I hate it when people sit down next to me to smoke…like sweetie…I was here breathin…

As an asthmatic I agree with this. People would be smoking around me all the time while I’m at bus stops and I have to cover my mouth and nose with my hand because one: cigarette smoke smells like garbage and I wish cigarettes were banned, two: I do NOT want cigarette smoke to somehow trigger an asthma attack (because sometimes idek what will trigger it, it just kinda happens occasionally since I have bad asthma and it’s really fuckin annoying), and three: no, I am not in the mood to contract any awful diseases from second-hand smoke so get your nasty ass cigarette smoke away from me, thanks.

You have asthma too? Jeezums, it’s almost like we’re twins… except I’m about twice your age. XD

But yeah, I have severe, chronic asthma too, and an episode can be triggered by a number of things (which, yes, includes cigarette smoke). I’ve been to the ER more times than I can count due to asthma attacks.


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