Kylo do u think the security cam thing means that the video might be a FNAF spoof with the egos?????


that seems to be what people are thinking right now!! i mean, it makes sense to me! what with mark starting the countdown from “5” since there are 5 nights total. 

which makes me wonder… why did he start his “countdown” so early, since the project is coming out the 13th? 

The day that falls on 1 is Columbus Day… which is on Monday, and the 13th is Friday (naturally). Five weekdays.

Maybe there’ll be a little something we get to see before then, like a trailer or some such.

EDIT: Or (and I can’t believe I only just thought of this) the 13th is actually the FINAL NIGHT. Meaning the project’s release doesn’t start on the 13th, but it ends on the 13th.


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