Putting the pieces together…

Ok, do you remember that post where someone theorized that Google and the Host were essentially working on Dark’s side, Bim and Silver were working on Will’s side, and the Doc and Ed were essentially outside contractors? (I don’t have it immediately in front of me right now, but I’ll reblog it when I find it again.)

Well, we saw Wilford’s plan to take over the channel with Markiplier TV. But the camera was turned off before the meeting actually ended.

What if the video coming soon offers us a glimpse into Dark’s plans for us? I mean, not a big one, but more of a hint at what He’s up to. But it also involves Dark’s revenge for the insult to His pride that was the Dark vs. Anti vid.

Not just one or the other. BOTH. Which is why it needs to have multiple parts. Because, being the chessmaster that He is, Dark’s a total slut for complicated, intricate plans. And it functions like a reprise of the Date with Markiplier game… only instead of romance and humour, it takes us back to Darkiplier’s horror roots.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Dark devotee. We saw the “alignments” in the Markiplier TV vid, and we knew Will’s plan didn’t work. So what was Dark’s plan? We don’t know. Not yet. But we know it involves Google and the Host.

Something definitely tells me we’re about to find out next week. And we are so immensely fubbernucked when we do.


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