ok but hear me out

what if dark kidnapped teamiplier?

even if they aren’t representative of their initials, those are very ransom-note-like letters. and with the caption as 5… what if it’s referring to the other members besides mark?

amy, tyler, ethan, kathryn, and chica. mark cares about them more than anything. if you were to try to get to mark, targeting those 5 definitely would be the way to go… 

That’s a good point too. And we all know Dark’s the one entity that’s totally down for the manipulation and coercion that’s required in “ransoming” Teamiplier. That He’s the one who’s open to tormenting Mark, however indirectly. And that He’s more than likely very angry about the Dark vs. Anti vid. Because He doesn’t appreciate being mocked.

He would definitely want revenge, and take His sweet time planning it out.

If you’re hypothesis is right, then the vid(s) will be about helping Mark save the rest of Teamiplier from Dark’s mechanizations… and, no matter what you choose, you can’t save all of them. When you win, you still lose to Him.

He wins… and someone dies.

Maybe Dark has nothing to do with It? Or we blame him and it turns out to be one of the other egos?

Which would result in an Enemy Mine scenario: the hero (Mark) and villain (Dark) teaming up against a new player on the scene.

Mark would want to save his friends, and even Dark (with all His manipulative skills and tendency to mess with everyone) wouldn’t like being blamed for something He didn’t do. And Mark would reluctantly accept His help because… well, better the devil you know, right?

And, if their collaboration was successful in saving Teamiplier, it could result in a cease-fire between Mark and Dark. Or, at the very least, the two developing more respect for one another, even as they continue to hash out their own personal war (the Worthy Opponent trope).

It’s not terribly likely, but it’s not impossible either. And, on the bright side, I can actually picture Dark angrily declaring to the newcomer, “Nobody gets to mess with Mark but Me!”

“Huh. You actually kinda like me, don’tcha?”

“Shut up, Mark.”


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