Not my musing, it was on the #darkiplier tag, but apparently if you count each of the letters in the Instagram post back by 5, you get “And he”. First part of a message maybe?



Interesting. I hadn’t heard that one. But I counted back myself, and ended up with the letters H, D, E, A and N. Which could indeed be unscrambled as “and he.”

Alternatively, there is apparently something in source code someone found, that includes a comment to the effect of “Is it an anagram or random letters?”

Which means they could all be the beginning letter of different words.

H could be the Host… or hostage. Though, I’m not too clear what the other letters would represent.

If the letters aren’t an anagram but are still part of a message, it could be:

“Markiplier is a hostage” (putting the “Hostageplier” moniker into an actual sentence)


“Darkiplier is here” (this one’s my guess)

or even, as someone else pointed out

“Wilford Warfstache

We don’t have enough information yet for anyone to say for sure, though. But I have a feeling we’ll get our next clue by tonight.

Incidentally, 3 more letters have been added to the “ransom note.” P, A and another I.

So now the complete string of letters is H, L, I, E, R, P, A, I.

“Markiplier is a hostage” is still a possible message, as is “Darkiplier is here.”

I love puzzles, and I’m actually having a lot of fun with this one.

The letters M and D have been added to the sequence. So it’s definitely not the two messages I initially thought. Which is fine. But that leaves a potentially even worse message in my mind.

Now I’m thinking that note might be



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