This was yesterday, but it is still Big Mood


…yeah, if Mark’s in trouble with the Egos holding him hostage, he’s totally fubbernucked. No lie.

Seriously, dude. Four killer robots and three guys who can warp reality in various ways (a demon, a psychic and… WTF is Warfstache, anyway?) can do a lot more damage together than even the best-prepared army.

Mark’s Egos are an evil (or at least morally bankrupt) Avengers. They’re dangerous, and the entire goddamn WORLD knows not to fuck with them when they’re teamed up.

(And that’s not in the sense of “Yeah, this probably won’t end well.” It’s more along the lines of “HOLY SHIT, WE’RE DOOMED!”)

Sorry, man. I really do wanna help a brother out. But you’re so immensely screwed.


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