Can you imagine if:

There’s complete silence from Mark after the 10th until the 13th and then on the 13th all the profile pics have one of the “big four” egos on them?

Facebook: Host

Twitter: Google

Tumblr: Wilford

Youtube: Dark

…. Ho boy. O.o

I would switch up the Host and Wilford. But otherwise, this makes perfect sense as a theory.

Wilford would more likely be on Facebook because he’s the “face” (or, rather, mustache) of the channel.

The Host would probably be on Tumblr because of the prolific writers here.

Google would be on Twitter because of how quickly information can be gathered there.

And Dark would be on Youtube, because they’re all enacting His plan to take over, making Him the “heart and soul” of the channel now. He’s the new Boss.


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