Do the Egos ever have photoshoots ?


You bet your sweet life that they do. Can you imagine Wilford in a photo-shoot? Or Bim? Those boys are the definition of camera-ready.

Then there’s the less likely but still would be game Dr. Iplier. He’d be striking all these TV Doctor poses, and he’d secretly love it.

But what about Dark? He might be creepy but he’s a dang peacock at the same time. He would absolutely be down for a photo-shoot, best suit and tie and his hair just perfect. He’d make a fantastic perfume/cologne model.

Dark is extra AF. He also puts the Ego in egotistical. Of course, He’d enjoy a photoshoot. Because it’d be all the photographers, stylists, lighting technicians and makeup artists all fawning over Him. And later on, the fangirls squeeing and fainting over how hot He looks. He’d love every goddamn second.


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