Okay. I did what I could to brighten up the 3 photo. It’s still very dark, but you can now see that the slats go all the way across. And that what’s covering Mark/the Ego’s eyes is actually one of the slats.

The camera is definitely concealed in some way. Either the camera is hidden inside a closet Outlast-style, or peering through a window with blinds or shutters. Which means it’s most likely another Ego spying on the goings-on.

You can also see the clothing in better detail. The man on the left appears to be wearing a trenchcoat and baseball cap, and there doesn’t actually appear to be anything in his hands. And Mark/the Ego on the right seems to be wearing a thick jacket or blazer with a popped collar and his hair is brushed back. The two men seem to be discussing something.

I’m surprised no one attempted this earlier, so I took a crack at trying to make it a little clearer for you all. I hope this helps with your theorizations and puzzle-solving. 🙂

First: I think your theory is extremely accurate but it looks like something string like is hanging between “mark” and mister Mystery man over there. it also looks a bit like camera between their hands either that or they are just simply shaking hands.

quotations on “Mark” cause it is probs another ego and not Mark.

Second: I think that Little Buddy security mode may be Tiny Box Tim following “Mark” to see what his plans are. I thought of this because of fnaf the musical when Natewantstobattle aka Nathan Sharp controls Ballon boy who has a security camera on him. (shown below)

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I can see the string now. It starts higher up though, and appears to be facing us. Which lends credence to my theory of the camera being behind a window with blinds.


Also, the position of the camera is too high up for it to be Tiny Box Tim. “Security Mode” (and the previous photo concealing the word “kill” underneath) suggests it may be one of the Googles.

After all, “destroying mankind” (read: killing people) is Google’s secondary objective. So, the Google bots would have a Kill Mode.


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