ok but

what if on the final day of the countdown, and if the letters do indeed spell out “who killed markiplier?”, we just get a YouTube video with someone, in a very distorted voice, said


Oh Dark, honey, no. Murder isn’t Your style, bb.

Unless You had someone to do Your dirty work. Which You probably did. Didn’t You, You old schemer?

Dark is like the mob boss of demons: Instead of getting His suit wrinkled, He’ll order a ‘hit’ on the being who crossed Him. Not that He wouldn’t kill you Himself – He just thinks He’s too damn awesome to waste His precious time spilling your blood on His freshly-waxed floor.

Unless you really piss Him off. Then He’ll rip out your spine and turn it into a trophy He can hang on His wall.

…Oh geez. Poor Markimoo. He really did piss old Monochrome off, didn’t he?


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