Okay. I did what I could to brighten up the 3 photo. It’s still very dark, but you can now see that the slats go all the way across. And that what’s covering Mark/the Ego’s eyes is actually one of the slats.

The camera is definitely concealed in some way. Either the camera is hidden inside a closet Outlast-style, or peering through a window with blinds or shutters. Which means it’s most likely another Ego spying on the goings-on.

You can also see the clothing in better detail. The man on the left appears to be wearing a trenchcoat and baseball cap, and there doesn’t actually appear to be anything in his hands. And Mark/the Ego on the right seems to be wearing a thick jacket or blazer with a popped collar and his hair is brushed back. The two men seem to be discussing something.

I’m surprised no one attempted this earlier, so I took a crack at trying to make it a little clearer for you all. I hope this helps with your theorizations and puzzle-solving. 🙂


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