Honestly, your take on Dark is pretty much the only version I can fully approve of when it comes to the community. I mean, there are some that I appreciate certain qualities of, and it’s totally chill for someone to write fluff or whatever. But just. The way you portray Dark and the way you talk about Him. All my yes. So good.

Aww, thank you, my sweet little nonnymouse. 🙂

See, I find Him very interesting as a villain. Like you, I like aspects of the softer/fluffier versions of Him circulating around Tumblr and various fic archives. But my personal approach to Him, even in “softer” fic, is to always keep in mind that He’s the Big Bad of Markiplier’s channel.

As the major villain, He’s like a force of nature, something to be either reckoned with or avoided completely. And if you can’t avoid Him or challenge Him, then all you can do is batten down the hatches and endure until the storm passes.

That isn’t to say that He’s only ever a cyclone of destruction in my view.

My interpretation of villains in general is that they’re people first, no matter their background or biology. They have things they are passionate about, things that interest them, things that make them happy and feelings that can be hurt. What makes a villain scary can be how much of ourselves we find in them. They present a kind of warning to keep our own dark sides in check.

A villain can love, even passionately, if not altruistically. Because there’s still that inner core of selfishness, that constant question of “How does this benefit me?” Dark I see as no different in that way. He can love, even deeply, but it’s a twisted and selfish kind of love.

Dark loves His demon “daughter” Meg because she’s His; He genuinely loves her as a father would and she likewise adores Him. My approach to the babyfic “Rebirth” was just more of the same, really. That, like any father, He loves this new life He holds in His arms. But where a good loving father wants to give their baby the world metaphorically, He literally plans to conquer it for her.

That’s the difference between a hero and a villain. Where heroes always strive to take the high road and keep their darker urges down, the villains are more than willing to fall from grace to satisfy those urges.

Dark’s inner drive is that of a conqueror. He desires control and veneration above all else, and anything He does is in service to His demanding and perpetually unsatisfied Id.


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