Hello Again Miss Melisa! I’m the Anon who sent in my dream? I’ve heard of dream analysis before it seems very interesting, I find it very interesting my subconscious chose those specific colors considering again the recent events going on and I was thinking that Dark had possessed Mark again as I remember the smile was creepy to me lol shows how creative my mind is XD Thank you very much Miss Melissa! ^_^

Hey! That was a quicker response than I’d anticipated. You must’ve been online at exactly the right time, right when I posted that. 🙂

Dreams are our subconscious’ way of communicating important messages to us so, in effect, it’s just like a spoken language. Whatever we’re stressed out about during the day, our subconscious attempts to “problem solve” at night, and give us a solution… without the kind of filters that often hold us back in the waking world.

Your thought that Dark “possessed” Mark might be a visual pun in your dream, that you are similarly “possessed” by your inner demons (ie. your own deep and most persistent fears).

No matter what kind of dreams you have, just remember it’s your own subconscious mind trying to tell you something. In that way, even the most frightening dream can be informative.

Thank you for following me, and keep dreaming! 🙂


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