I just wanna say that Mayor Damian was giving me possible Darkiplier vibes, and The Colonel reminds me a lot of Wilford…

New headcanon: “Damien” and “The Colonel” are Dark and Will in disguise.

Damien is probably the name Darkiplier goes by for business purposes. I mean, seriously, using “Dark Iplier” would just make people scratch their heads in confusion. 

And, yeah, “Damien” is a pretty meaningful name. Ever heard of The Omen? Damien was the name for the kid there; the kid who who was, y’know, THE ANTICHRIST. (The name itself also means “the one who subdues,” if you’re interested. So yeah, major connections to Dark here.)

The Colonel gives me soooo much Warfstache vibes, just from the pictures alone. Will probably dyes his mustache so he doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the real world.

And, of course, everybody loves the Jim Twins. Our sweet reporter boys.


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