It’s kind of like playing chess with Death, no? A spot of gamesmanship against a very grim individual, where the winner decides on a mortal friend’s ultimate fate?

This is a game on two levels, one being on a betting table… and the other being for our minds and a loved one’s freedom. But in lieu of a chessboard, we will be dealt a hand of cards that could spell life or death for Markiplier. We’ll have to play whatever cards we’re dealt… and perhaps bluff our way through it, if we can.

I think we’re beginning to see more of Dark’s plan now: The master manipulator loves to play His games too. And to His reckoning, the power of choice can be a dangerous thing if He’s not the one in control.

What better way to hammer that message home than to give people a game to play, and choices to make? Choices where, if we choose wrong… 

Mark dies.

Dark’s endgame has always been our surrender to His will, and our objective is not to lose our autonomy… and with it, life itself. It is the ultimate gamble, like Russian Roulette.

Heaven help us.


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