Potential foreshadowing.

from @the-asexual-reaper​:  

I feel like every single video leading up to this week as been foreshadowing for the shit Mark has put us through

Same here. It’s so weird. But most especially the games like The End is Nigh and I May Die. But for a good deal of his videos in the last few weeks, his commentary has been more focused on death, and specifically being killed, than usual.

Most notably in Popgoes, he starts freaking out about being “bait” for the animatronics. It’s funny with that one (not in the ha-ha sense, but more strange and interesting), because I remember some commentary from users right here on Tumblr going like, “Uh, Mark, are you okay?” People were legitimately concerned by his reaction.


Maybe that was actually foreshadowing for how he gets killed in the new project video. He ended up as “bait” for… someone or something. Given the “ransom note” we received, it’s probable he was held as bait for us. And now that we’ve gotten the message, his killer(s) did away with him because he’d served their purpose and was of no further use to them.

That’s my most educated guess right now.


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