Can I just reiterate how awesome Mark is?

Whether he knows it or not, the man is a creative genius. Chapter 3 was a thrill ride, a rollercoaster… and we’ve stopped at the summit of the highest part, I believe, with the ground dizzyingly far below us. The rest will be a screaming rush as the drama ramps up and the story gains more momentum.

The first two chapters made me think, “Hmm, Roaring Twenties-inspired murder mystery. Cute, and no doubt will be fairly entertaining.” You know, a nice little diversion.

Chapter 3? WHAM! “Hey boys! It’s me, ya demon!”


Just… holy shit, man. If he ever loses his day job as a Youtuber, he could totally go legit into screenwriting.

And I’m not saying that because I like him. I’m saying that because the story here is REALLY DAMN GOOD.

I think now that we have Dark on the loose in this story, our demon boi/girl’s gonna go full-on Paranormal Activity up in here. Because if He’s not been looking for us to take us back to our timeline…

If this is the origin story, the prequel to all that came later (kinda like PA3, in that way)… then He’s probably gonna be pissed about all these humans in His lovely murder house.

Which also might be why the Chef, Butler and Detective all have their eyes scratched out on the photo. So yeah, I’m thinking now that everybody’s gonna die… except maybe Damien, who’ll probably end up possessed by Dark (because the turning gray might’ve actually been foreshadowing, now that I think about it).



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