I honestly have no idea who killed Mark. I’m really bad when it comes to figuring out murder mysteries. I’m more mystified as to how no one’s noticed the Jims sneaking around the manor tbh lol. Also, anyone else get the vibe both the Mayor & the Colonel kinda have a thing for Selene/Celine(?). And Selene had Dark’s effects going on at the end. What if through her spirit medium powers she’s the one who brought Dark into the world? Ooh, what if Damien chooses to take on Dark in order to save her??


Le gasp. Thats all great ideas TBH! I guess that we have to wait and see! -Mod KT

Damien is such a sweet, noble li’l bean (that sad face after he told us to be careful broke my heart). I can totally see him handing himself over to Dark in order to save Celine. He’s a true gent.


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