Another theory…



This one, like some of the others, may make your head explode. Or, it may be an easier pill to swallow, depending on your perspective.

The reality of Who Killed Markiplier? isn’t our reality. It’s an alternate universe.

So Mayor Damien and the Colonel? They’re definitely Dark and Wilford… but not the Dark and Wilford we know. Damien is Dark with a conscience – a softer Darkiplier, if you will. And the Colonel is a Wilford Warfstache who never became a talkshow host, but stayed in the military instead.


The version of Mark we see is an eccentric millionaire playboy who hosts lavish parties and throws money around at the gambling table, as if it doesn’t mean anything to him… Rather than the humble, hardworking and charitable Youtuber we know and love.

The 1920′s vibes? That’s because that’s where this reality’s society is currently at in terms of its infrastructure and development. It’s not our world… we’re just guests here, seeing through someone else’s eyes.

This is probably one of the best theories so far. It makes perfect since. Damien basically said that the Colonel can be a bit much but he respects him. Ring a bell…Dark said that he respects Wilford in the Markiplier TV video. The question that I have is who’s next? It looks like the egos are just starting to show up. Considering the Five Nights at Freddie’s theme in the first video, Googliplier has something to do with this as well.

And to expound upon this theory, Celine’s possession may be “our” Dark, the mostly-evil demonic version, showing up to take us back home… and the lightning was actually Him fighting with another, unseen entity in order for Him to get into the house.

Yep. Dark (who’s kind of an asshole, but can be helpful sometimes) and another, more immediately murderous being present in this AU were getting all Clash of the Titans, the light-show display in the sky being the only part human eyes can see. That is what can happen when two powerful entities engage in battle.

Which means He’s currently possessing Celine, with the intent to yank us out of this alternate timeline… and He’ll smack the shit out of anybody who gets in His way. (Which explains why a “fall” may have been shot.)


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