Excuse me Miss Melissa? I know you don’t wanna spoil the surprise and i don’t want you to either but um is it ok if i ask how your project’s coming along? And how you’re doing? I hope your well, please remember to take care of yourself ok? Thanks Miss Melissa! ^_^

Not a problem! I’m not gonna give any details away, but I can say that it’s coming along better than I anticipated. The third phase I mentioned awhile back will begin very soon. After that, it’ll be ready for Darktober. 🙂

Once I’m done with “phase two,” I’ll be back to my writing.

And on a personal note, I’m doing pretty good. My throat’s a little rough due to the change in seasons (I can thank my allergies for that), but otherwise I’m fine physically and mentally.

How are you doing, li’l bean? 🙂


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