I’m doing fine Miss Melissa, ugh you have my sympathies for the sore throat from allergies a month or so ago i had sinus problems from mine, its all cleared up now tho thank God so that’s good I’m glad your project is going well and i can’t wait to see what it is tho I will wait at the same time cuz i don’t wanna rush this XD Your one of my fave Darkiplier writers on Tumblr and your an awesome and kind and sweet person Miss Melissa thank you for writing and theorizing with us and take care ok?

Awww, thanks, sweetie. The sore throat won’t last for too long, and it’s not stopping me from doing what I need to do (and I actually sound okay, except for the occasional cough).

I’ve had a sinus infection once or twice before, so I feel your pain.

I honestly have so much fun in this fandom, and I’m just happy to be a part of it. And I’m nervous about the project, but I know it’ll be great. You guys are all so supportive, that it fans the creative fires in me. 🙂

You take care of yourself too, li’l bean!


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