On the bright side?

WKM means there’s an official soft!Dark AU!


He was the POV character (formerly the viewer insert, a district attorney), who was quiet and trustworthy; Damien the Mayor, who was charming and commanding; and Celine the Seer, who was persuasive and psychically powerful… and possibly the AU!Mark himself, a once-carefree bon vivant

An amalgamation of them all, sealed into one very hurt and pissed off demonically-influenced package that will never be quite whole, living people again. That will eternally demand recompense for their deaths. So many voices, so much noise in Dark’s head. Poor thing needs ALL the hugs… and maybe a punching bag to work His anger out on.

Ouch, my heart. But the soft!Dark fans thank you very much, Mark! (I’m not one, really, but I could be tempted to write in this AU.)


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