That’s honestly all I can say, to sum up my feelings on this. Just wow.

I think that both was and wasn’t the origin story of Darkiplier – told to us by Him, possibly, or written about Him? Which, either way, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true.

But the thought that Darkiplier is the spirits of both Damien and Celine encased in one body, fused together and given power to exact vengeance, thanks to the evil that permeated the manor? That’s… really not what I expected from all this.

Damien is the one who’s angry and controlling, and Celine is the calmer, sweet-talking one – though, oddly enough, the colours are reversed – she’s red and he’s blue. Which is part of the reason WHY it doesn’t add up to me. The Red Man (Dark’s artistic portayal prior to this) was seen as angry, and is actually the one often seen cracking out of Dark’s shell, screaming in rage and such.

The most likely explanation? Given the “chapters”, this is the Host’s portrayal of what might have happened to “create” Darkiplier, how He came to be. But the Host, being an author, is a romantic at heart – hence the two star-crossed lovers sharing one body.

It’s definitely an alternate universe, though, as the Mark in that world is most assuredly dead. His spirit’s last words being, “It’s not fair, isn’t it?

The ending ultimately poses more questions than answers. I think we’re being left with a choice, in the end: Believe it… or don’t believe it.


I’d rather not. It’s a story, and a damn good one, at that. But it runs counter to all we’ve seen about Dark before.

It’s a story… and that’s all there is to it.


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