What’s devastating is that these are two people who loved each other, who were best friends, who had a history together. And after losing everyone, his killer turned out to be Damien. And that’s why, even now, as heads of the Ego Table, both Dark and Wilford respect one another. They were both driven into madness and vengeance – and the only thing that remains is them and a primary objective.

They represent two different kinds of insanity:

A cold, calculating rage, a deep and dismal depression where there is no good left in the world, no light in the depths of darkness.

And a complete, manic disconnection from reality, escaping into a joyful fantasy where nobody ever dies and the world is bright and colourful.

Neither can see the world as it is… that it’s a little of both, the world being made of darkness and light, of joy and pain. That there is both good and evil in the world.

The truly scary part? That line between sane and insane is a lot thinner than you’d think.


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