I swear I saw someone say they’re gonna block anyone who likes Darkstache ._. WTF PEOPLE



I’m not gonna lie. After WKM, I’m starting to feel a little of the Darkstache vibe, myself. Friendship-wise, anyway; in the sense that they basically shared a foxhole together, and are two shell-shocked veterans of the same war.

Because they have been through a kind of war, a supernatural one with bodies piling up all around them until they were the only survivors. The kind of hell only the two of them can fully understand.

None of the other Egos could even begin to grasp the kind of shit that went down in the Manor during those critical 24 hours. All Dark and Will really have is each other. If there is any gentle feelings left in Damien’s deadened heart at all… it’s for his friend, the Colonel.


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