in regards to the time period stuff, there’s a newspaper clipping in the detectives office about Damien running for mayor in 1920, but also chef’s little buddy has a camera system saying its this year, so canonically there seems to be this weird time overlap. maybe we’re looking back from now seeing what happened in the past??


dark can control time afterall. maybe that one theory is correct, where this is all made up by dark to get sympathy points. who knows.

so confusing.

Well, if it isn’t? That means that, in that AU, people can live a very long time.

Seriously. That’s about a 90 year difference. That… makes zero sense, and is yet another point in the favour of WKM being a story written by the Host. (Which was what I had been thinking to begin with, before that ending kicked me in the teeth.)

Mark needs to get his ass back home from tour and do a livestream, already. I am legitimately confused by this shit… and I don’t like confusion.


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