The Ego Games: Cornucopia

As the tributes stood on their podiums, the horn sounded.

The Colonel, Penny Peebstache, Stacy, Meg, Yandereplier, Space Mark, the Jim Twins and Anti all scattered, running away from the Cornucopia.

Wiishu, the Crazed Butt Stabber and Celine all started fighting each other, but the Crazed Butt Stabber took off when Wiishu killed Celine.

Darkiplier snapped up a first aid kit and booked it. (Smart boy.)

Peebles snagged a bottle of alcohol and a rag.

Peevils grabbed a shield leaning on the cornucopia.

Markiplier chased Damien away from the cornucopia, and KathrynΒ scared Wilford Warfstache off.

Nurse Charlotte took a sickle from inside the cornucopia.

Chase set an explosive off, killing Mother Jim and Jacksepticeye.

Dr. Iplier ripped a mace out of Alien Amy’s hands.


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