The Ego Games: Day 2

Wilford Warfstache was unable to convince Chase to not kill him.

Stacy tried to sleep through the entire day.

Kathryn and Dr. Iplier worked together for the day.

Nurse Charlotte discovered a river.

Meg began to question her sanity.

Markiplier, Space Mark and Penny Peebstache hunted for other tributes.

Anti constructed a shack.

The Jim Twins received fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

The Colonel unknowingly ate toxic berries.

The Fallen Tributes:

8 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

  • Wiishu – District 11
  • Peevils – District 12
  • Peebles – District 4
  • Darkiplier – District 1 (Nooo… not my black & white boy!)
  • Yandereplier – District 1 (Not my stabby girl too!)
  • Damien – District 3 (Aww, crap. My mayor baby also?)
  • Wilford Warfstache – District 2 (…And the bubblegum bitch?!)
  • The Colonel – District 5 (Okay, now this generator is just being mean.)

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