Masterlist updated!


Yes, I’ve updated the masterlist once again. All the current fics, essays and sundry are there. Still mostly Dark, but there’s some other things there too.


If you can’t view the masterlist because you’re on the Tumblr app, have no fear. I’ve filed my works under specific tags, that will make it easier for you to locate them.

#fan fiction and #markiplier moodboard both contain my most popular works, aka the ones you’re most likely here for – all the fanfiction I’ve written for Tumblr and the (currently) three moodboards I’ve created. 

#darkiplier in 2017 essay, naturally, contains my three-part thesis on Darkiplier’s appearances from Valentine’s Day, up until the debut of Darkiplier vs. Antisepticeye.

These are the major draws to my blog, so I hope you’re quite happy with my current housekeeping. 🙂

Oof. Apparently, it’s been nearly two weeks since the previous update to my masterlist. And of course, soooo much happened in that timespan. It took me a long-ass time to update the list.

But the masterlist is updated again, and includes all of those WKM theories I spouted along the way. Some, in retrospect, are hilariously off-base. But most seem to still ring true.

Anyway, take a gander when you get the chance. The link is over the gif, right there above Dark’s head.


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