Q&A Sunday: Post #2



What do you think would be the most unlikely friendship that Dark would have with one of the Iplier Egos? And can you figure out how it might actually work?

Example: I think a friendship between Dr. Iplier and Dark would be unlikely, as Dark is ultimately self-serving and the Doctor makes it his life’s work to help others. But Dark might admire Dr. Iplier’s dedication to his craft and careful attention to his patients, and would learn much about human biology from the good doctor. Dr. Iplier would initally remain friendly to keep the peace, but would develop a grudging respect for Dark’s single-minded focus on His goals.

*Most* unlikely? Well, the King of the Squirrels is the only true cinnamon roll among the egos, and he’s not hugely powerful such that Dark might decide to cultivate him as a pawn or to neutralize a potential threat posed by him. But if some Wacky Misadventure forced them to spend time together at first, Dark might realize that the uncomplicated presence of King and his subjects is actually kind of soothing. He’d start spending time with them when the strain of being surrounded by idiots starts to make it hard to hold his shell together.

His idea of being a friend to someone is heavily focused on bribery, though he’d call it providing, but King already has all the peanut butter he can use and doesn’t actually want anything from Dark. He’s just happy to have someone around who won’t try to chase away the squirrels.

King is a simple fella, and sometimes even the most complicated guy has simple needs. Dark could probably do with the occasional spot of peace and quiet.

It’d probably be a little surreal, like Dean and Crowley sharing a drink at the bar.


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